Ramcorp is your innovative sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping, welding and furniture repair company based in West Auckland.  

Our company offers a very competitive engineering service, ranging from press work, wire work, welding repairs, furniture repairs and fabrication.


Ramcorp EngineeringBuilt to last decades, there’s no excuse for store fixtures that fall apart after a few weeks or months! That's why our products are carefully constructed from durable materials and welded together so they are built to last.

Since 1990, Ramcorp have been designing, manufacturing and offering wire display racks and store fixtures to best showcase virtually any type and size of product. Our fixtures are convenient to use and are the most affordable in the industry. In fact, our specialty display racks are in a class of their own. 

At Ramcorp, as soon as a work order is raised our initial process provides us with an overall job costing, turn-over and forsee any potential problems which may arise. With this, we can provide our clients with realitsic expectations.

 So if you are looking for an experienced local welder, contact Ramcorp today & our team of engineers will get to work!

Take a look at our gallery to see some of the work we do!


Ramcorp services include: